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Cat Wall Stickers

Cat wall stickers are great for any fan of felines. They can be stuck to any smooth, clean surface, and are easy to apply and remove without leaving a sticky residue.

Easy to clean, made out of waterproof vinyl, all they need is a wipe down with a Vileda cloth. Easy-peasy!

Use wall stickers in your home to add statement or fun. You can transform the look of a room real simple, for very little cost, so bring out the designer in you.

Get creative

When I was living in temporary rented accommodation, the landlord wouldn't allow the walls to be painted, or pictures hung.
The living room looked stark and unwelcoming, like a barren landscape.

Wall stickers helped personalize the rooms, made them feel more homely for me while I lived there.

In the living room, I chose a theme around a cute cat wall sticker, which I used as a backdrop to a comfy old sofa, livened up by a bold coloured wool throw and a couple of flowery cushions.

Stickers are easily removable and without leaving messy remains. When it was time to leave you wouldn't even know they had been used - walls as clean as a whistle.

How to: Unroll the cat wall sticker and follow the instructions. It doesn't leave any sticky residue but you must apply properly to avoid air bubbles to get that purrfect finish.

Decorate your walls

Wall stickers are a quick, inexpensive and easy way to add impact to your wall. 'Use on a wall in bold colour as a backdrop to your sticker,' say the experts.

I love cat wall stickers. Why? They are a lovely way of bringing a touch of Feline Mystique to your wall... without the hassle of cleaning up cat hair and sweeping up the leaves!

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