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Cat Grass
Plant the seeds of health for your cat

Benefits of cat grass

Most cats will require a little help with digestion from time to time, especially longhaired cats, as it helps them to cough up fur balls. Indeed, cats are actually biologically programmed to eat grass for this very reason. In the absence of safe grasses, cats will often eat anything green they can find, which may include decorative, or even poisonous plants. Having a safe alternative planted within easy reach can save you and your cat a lot of grief.

You can grow cat grass easily from seed indoors at anytime of the year.

What to do:

Sow the seeds in a low container such as a seed tray or pot filled with moist seed compost. Sprinkle the seeds generously and uniformly over the surface and cover them lightly with more compost, and keep moist. Set the container where it will receive bright light. Water lightly until the the grass reaches 10-15cm (4-6") tall. Trim with scissors if your cat does not do it for you, to prevent coarseness. When the cat grass gets about 3-4" high put it near your catís dry food dish or water bowl.

Alternatively, cat grass can be grown outdoors as hardy annual - sow the seeds in a sheltered spot in sun/partial shade.

Cat Grass Tips and Facts

  • Avena sativa sometimes called cat oats will not stick to the back of a cat's tongue like serrated lawn grass or wild outdoor grasses do.
  • Start new containers of cat grass every few weeks to guarantee a fresh supply.
  • Good digestive aid in small doses for cats.
  • Most cats love the rapidly growing young shoots.
  • Extremely easy to grow - water lightly until the grass reaches 10-15cm 4-6"), don't let the soil dry out.
  • If you have no garden or outdoor space grow indoors in good natural light. A south window will have best light.
  • Seedlings start to appear 3-5 days...

Click on cat grass seedlings and see photos of cat grass seedlings as they germinate and begin to grow to lucious cat grass.

Availability of cat grass seeds

Quality cat grass seeds can be purchased online or at your local garden center.

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