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Cat Names

Cool girl and boy cat names list includes some unusual categories and meanings.

Celtic Cats
- Scully (town crier) Boy
- Tierney (lordly) Boy
- Tully (peaceful one) Girl
- Beacan (small, little one) Boy
- Casey (brave, watchful) Both

White (Wine) Cats
- Chardonnay (shar-doe-nay) white wine
- Muscat - white wine
- Champagne - Let's face it, any cat named after this superior sparkling white wine is going to be purrfection

Posh Cats
- Diamond (Both)
- Chloé (Girl) fashion
- Prada (Both) fashion
- Jimmy Choo (shoe designer) purr-fect for a puss with posh paws

Diva Cats
Do you have a vocal cat? Why not be inspired by the diva names below to name your cat:
- Dusty (Springfield)
- Kylie (Minogue)
- Beyonce (Knowles)
- Celine (Dion)
- Bette (Midler)

Dolly Cats
Why not give your cat a Delightful Dolly name?
- Dolly Daisy
- Dolly Daydream
- Dolly Mix
- Dolly Delight
- Dolly Day

Top 10 Cat Names
1 Molly
2 Felix
3 Smudge
4 Sooty
5 Tigger
6 Charlie
7 Alfie
8 Oscar
9 Millie
10 Misty
Top ten names for cats: Source RSPCA

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