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Never forget kitty is a Princess and treat her accordingly.

Smile when kitty jumps on the back of the newspaper while you are trying to read it.

You will never ignore kitty.

Kitty will ignore you whenever she feel's like it.

Remember Kitty's food dish and keep it full of her favourite foods.

You will spend most of your money on novelty toys and gifts for kitty.

Your lap is there for kitty to curl up in or knead endlessly with claws out

Kitty will have your undivided love and attention upon demand.

You will leave the window open in the middle of the winter so that kitty can come and go as she pleases.

You will leave the radio turned on when you go out so kitty won't feel lonely.

Kitty will dive bomb on the bed early every morning , and settle purring loudly in the most comfortable spot.

Always put off making the bed until kitty gets up.

You will climb out of bed over the headboard or footboard, so you won't disturb the sleeping kitty.

You will think it's cute when kitty wakes you with a smack in the face each morning.

Laugh when kitty swings on the curtains or licks your freshly buttered toast.

For hours you will sit in the same position because it annoys kitty when you move.

You will stand at the door indefinitly in the freezing cold while kitty sniffs the air, deciding whether to go out or stay in.

Kittycats are to be worshipped and anybody who doesn't think so should live on Mars.

Always remember she is top kittycat.

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