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8 Ways To Make Your Cat Happy

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Diary Of A Happy Cat

7am - Woke human with a smack in the face, hungry for food and love after a purrfect night's sleep. After breakfast biscuits and cuddles, spent some time exploring the dangerous pot-plant corner:

Cats in the wild spend many hours a day hunting, foraging and capturing prey. So as well as feeding her twice a day, try hiding dry food and favourite treats around the house for puss to find while you are out.

9:50 am - Kissed human goodbye, then spent half an hour stalking an orange furry mouse lurking at the bottom of the stairs. "I am Top Cat:"

Just like us cats can become bored. Keep cats entertained, fit and active by providing them with toys to play with.

11am - Gave myself a good wash but couldn't quite manage that tricky bit under my chin:

Try to brush and groom your cat as often as you can, it will help to prevent hairballs forming in her stomach.

12:40 - Climbed to the very top of the shelves. Managed not to break the large, orange china cat who is always there, and settled down for a nap:

Cats are natural climbers, they like high places where they can rest and observe. Wardrobes and bookshelves are particular favourites. Just make sure it's easy for them to get back down as it's always easier for puss to climb up than down.

15:00 - Greet human. After a hard morning, it's time for kisses and cuddles:

Your cat is always there for you. There's nothing better than being greeted by your feline friend eager to tell you all about her adventures, so reward your cat with a tasty treat.

16:00 - Sat in my favourite window seat for an afternoon of observation:

Cats love to watch the world go by, so try to make sure puss has access to at least one windowsill. If the sill is not wide enough to accommodate her, place a piece of furniture underneath at window height, for puss to sit on.

18:00 - Had delicious evening meal, followed by lap time and cuddles while we watched TV:

Cats need human contact, so try to give them at least one cuddle a day. It works both ways. It's been proven stroking a cat lowers heart rates, blood pressure and stress levels.

23:00 It's been a long day, and so to bed:

Make sure their bed is situated away from draughts. Cats' don't like to sleep in a draught, and this is particularly important with older cats, as they cannot withstand extremes of temperature.

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