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Keeping Flies Away

Traditional fly blind, ideal for use within the home, the simple and effective way to keep flies out of your kitchen and away from pet food bowls...without the need for toxic fly killer spray.

Flies are pesky, germ infested pests that spread disease. And flies are an unwelcome germy nuisance any place in the home, particularly in the kitchen where food is prepared. They can infest your worktops with germs and bacteria.

Speaking of flies in the house.

In the kitchen, my two cats were waiting to be fed, so I put their china bowls on the work top and emptied several sachets of tuna into them. I put them down in a corner of the floor by the fridge as usual.

Then, gathering up the empty sachets, I opened the back door to put them straight into the bin, and in flew several big black flies.

The flies gathered on the kitchen worktops, despite my best efforts to swat them with a rolled up newspaper. My cat's went crazy chasing the flies when they buzzed around their food bowls.

However, I didn't want to use harsh chemical fly sprays because of the cats and food in the immediate area.

So I bought a traditional fly blind, to stop my kitchen and home being invaded by bacteria carrying flies. Moreover, the fly blind will keep flies out of your kitchen the non-toxic way, simply and effectively.

I ended up choosing the fly blind in silver, because there is no colour that doesn't go with silver, and would suit any colour scheme within the home - while adding to the interior decor.

All in all, the fly curtain (33 strips of silver - yes, I counted) is affordable and so easy to use. Plus, it's feline friendly, as it stays up and intact, even when the strips are being swatted by my mischievous moggies.

Fly blind ideal for keeping flies out of the kitchen, wipes clean and is great value for the money.

Copyright © By Anne Smith