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Knit your kitty a relaxing lavender log

Purr-fect for convalescing cats, elderly cats and stressed out cats; or for a cat who needs a bit of rest and relaxation.

my cat

Peugeot (above) in the land of kitty dreams: "I cat nap with the scent of lavender wafting under my nose, I feel protected and relaxed, dreaming of being in my garden, curled up in the warm sunshine. I'm one lucky lady, loved and happy ..."

I made the Lavender Log (above) by knitting a small block; Joined 3 sides together using mattress stitch; Stuffed log with fabric scraps and lavender from my garden; Joined up the remaining seam.

Alternatively, if you don't have any lavender flowers/leaves, add a few drops of Lavender flower essence onto the fabric scraps. Flower essences are simple enough to use and gentle enough to be given to animals.

Please note knitted cat toys are not indestructible so please check regularly for wear and tear.

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