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30 Cat Sayings

=^.^= No home is complete without the patter of little furry feet

=^.^= I came, I purred, I conquered

=^.^= Kids are for people who can't have cats

=^.^= It's my cats house I'm just here to open the cans

=^.^= Purring is music to soothe the soul

=^.^= If you want the best seat in the house you'll have to remove the cat

=^.^= Climb your way to the top - that's what the curtains are for

=^.^= Just what part of meow don't you understand?

=^.^= Cats are children with a fur coat and whiskers

=^.^= A meow charms the ear ~ A.E Smith

=^.^= "All I ask is that you love me half as much as I love myself"

=^.^= Home is where the cat is

=^.^= Cats don't have owners...they have servants

=^.^= Life is hard. Soften yours with a cat

=^.^= Companionship is right under your feet when you own a cat

=^.^= Cats fill your heart with love

=^.^= Blessed are those who love cats, for they shall never be lonely

=^.^= To err is human - to purr feline

=^.^= Instant cat...just add food

=^.^= When the cares of the world weigh you down, a little cat can pick you up

=^.^= A cat's paw does not spoil the garden ~ A.E Smith

=^.^= In joy or sadness, cats are our constant friends ~ A.E Smith

=^.^= Meows are the feelings of felines ~ A.E Smith

=^.^= Talk to the paws, the face ain't listening ~ A.E Smith

=^.^= Every movement a cat makes looks like Tai Chi - slow, graceful, relaxed ~ A.E Smith

=^.^= There's nothing like waking up to a cat-shaped lump of fur wrapped round your head ~ A.E Smith

=^.^= Cats + Chocolate = Happiness ~ A.E Smith

=^.^= I admit to two addictions: cats and chocolate ~ A.E Smith

=^.^= Cats make wonderful companions because they are warm, affectionate, intelligent, soft & friendly ~ A.E Smith

=^.^= Cats bestow a whisker of happiness on those they love ~ A.E Smith

Copyright © By Anne Smith